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Do you have solar panels on your roof?

Jack Core - Monday, January 19, 2015

If you have solar panels on your roof, you definitely need an experience Denver roofing contractor.  The Denver roofing company has replaced a number of local Denver roofs with solar panels.  Here are a couple things you should be aware of.  1)  Are you filing a roofing claim?  2)  Is the original solar company that installed your solar panels still in business?  3)  Does the roofing contractor you're dealing with have the experience to handle your claim and have the necessary experience to deal with the removal and replacement of your solar panels?   The Denver roofing company definitely has the experience and can give you references on our roofs and solar removals and replacements.  There's no need to deal with multiple Denver roofing contractors.  Give us a call and we'll make sure to explain everything to you and help you through the entire process. 

Why are roof flashings important?

Jack Core - Wednesday, December 03, 2014
Roof flashings are some of the most important elements of any roof.  The weather in Denver can be violent at times and can damage are roofs very easily.  This is where roof flashings come into play.  Roof flashing help protect our roofs in different ways especially around entry or exit points and where roof lines meet walls.  Another great example of roof flashings would be around chimneys.  One of the common flashings will discuss here is called "drip edge"  drip edge goes around the perimeter of your house and typically comes in colors to match the shingle or the color of your fascia.  Drip edge is mostly used to create clean roofing lines and give a nice finished appearance to your new roof.  Drip edge also helps to direct water into your gutters or off your roof, it helps stop water from backing up under your shingles.  Drip edge also helps secure your underlayment and wind uplift around the perimeter of the roof as well.  Not all Denver roofing contractors use drip edge but we recommend it.  In fact we will typically upgrade you to a 2"x4" drip edge which has the added benefit of reaching secure decking when installed.  If you have any questions, please give us a call here at The Denver Roofing Company.

Roofing Shingles

Jack Core - Monday, October 27, 2014
There is a huge difference between a 3-tab shingle and a dimensional or architectural shingle.  The 3-tab shingles are prone to wind damage and due to there design and thickness are much more susceptible to hail damage.  The dimensional/architectural shingle is the only way to go and the cost difference is not that much of a difference.  For a standard dimensional shingle it may only cost a few hundred dollars more over the 3-tab roofing shingle.  The Denver Roofing Company can show you the differences and explain the importance of moving up to a much higher quality shingle.  Don't allow other roofing companies to upsell you into an upgraded shingle for $1,000 or more.  Call the Denver Roofing Company!

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