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What is the most popular roofing style in Denver?

Jack Core - Monday, June 01, 2015

The most popular roofing style is called a "Gable Roof".  However, you have other popular roofing options such as flat roofs, shed roofs, Hipped roofs, Mansard Roofs, Gabrel Roofs, Bonnet roofs and more.  Lets get back to one of the most popular roofs "Gable Roofs".  A gable roof has two sides that slope down from a central or top ridge.  A gable roof is simple to build and suitable for many climates.  A gable roof can be vented and does not collect precipitation and/or debris like fallen leaves.  With a proper slope typically 4/12 or higher in pitch the gable roof will last a long time with a quality roof installation.  The gable roof also allows space for an attic which is great for proper insulation.  Also, always remember a properly insulated attic and a properly ventilated roof will help eliminate ice dams from forming on your roof eaves.  A gable roof is a GREAT ROOF!


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Some Roofing Tips by The Denver Roofing Company


Shingle roofs should always have a minimum of 5 nails per shingle.


The nails should be driven perpendicular to the roof deck and not angled.


The nails should always be in the shingle's strike zone.


Felt paper should be over the drip edge on eaves and under it on rakes.


Wood plank decking should not have gaps between the boards.


Starter shingles should be installed on all eaves and up rakes.


For ridge venting to ventilate properly you need soffit vents.


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