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Common Types Of Roofing Damage

Due to recent storms and/or potential storms to come, you may qualify for a new roof.


Hail and wind are the most common causes of roof damage. If you suspect your roof has been damaged you need to do a thorough roof inspection. Our inspections are free and we can determine if your roof has enough damage to warrant filing an insurance claim.


If so, and we recommend you file a claim, it is also important to have us on-site when the insurance adjuster comes to do his inspection. Many adjusters will not have your best interest in mind and can short you on money and/or approval of a new roof. Having a professional roofing contractor present makes a difference.


The Denver Roofing Company has years of experience dealing with storm damage. We guarantee that your insurance claim will be handled properly.


Here are a few of our qualifications:


Licensed and experienced insurance adjusters.


Haag certified roofing inspectors


Hundreds of claims handled, filed and closed


Proper and ethical negotiation with all insurance carriers


We take pride in what we do. This means we fully represent you and make sure that your home is restored not only just back to its original condition but better than before!


We have the experience and knowledge to help you with your insurance claim and more.



The Denver Roofing Company



Wind damage can cause loss of shingles but wind can also crease your shingle or break the shingle seal which typically can not be seen without a roof inspection.



Severe hail can be seen from the ground but the majority of hail can only be seen from inspecting on the roof. Hail can cause severe roof deterioration and leaks.



This deterioration is caused by age versus storm damage. A deteriorated soil boot can and will allow water into your house damaging your attic insulation and ceilings. This type of damage can easily be repaired with a simple roofing repair.



Your chimney should be inspected annually. Areas to inspect include the flashing, the cap, and the overall condition of the stack. Many roof leaks are misdiagnosed and are actually caused by poor chimney maintenance.

There are numerous other areas of concern. For instance:


• Do you have ice/water shield

  installed to prevent ice damming?


• Do you have starter shingle on your

  rakes and eaves?


• Do you have drip edge?


• Are your wall penetrations flashed



• Do you have proper ventilation for

  your roof?


In a nutshell there are many things to consider in regards to a good quality roof.



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