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Common Roof Types

Below, you will find the most common roofing applications. Whether you're looking for a roofing repair or a complete roofing installation chances are the roofing material is listed below.


The Denver Roofing Company hopes this page will help educate you to the different choices available in the market today. You will find the typical and most popular roofing choices like 3-tab shingles, dimensional shingles, energy saving shingles, lifetime shingles, wood shake shingles, tile roofs and metal roofing. Many different color options are available for all applications.


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roofing materials

There are many things to consider when installing a new roof on your home. Here are a few


How many layers of roofing do you currently have?


What is the condition of your wood sheathing?


Do you have space decking?


Can your structure support the weight of a new roof?


Is the roof slope appropriate for the type of roof you want?


Are there any issues with the chimney or wall flashings?


Do you have proper attic and/or soffit ventilation?



The Denver Roofing Company can help answer all of these questions and make sure you're well informed on the type of roof you want and the best way to install it.


3 tab shingle
3 tab shingle


This is the most economical shingle on the market. Considered a 20-25yr shingle. The advantage of this shingle is the lower cost and the disadvantage is that they tend to be the most prone to wind damage.

30 year shingles
30 year shingles


The dimensional shingle is the most common shingle on the market today. The shingle is rated as a 30-40yr shingle. It's much heavier in weight than the 3-tab and stands up to the elements much better.

lifetime shingles
lifetime shingles


Lifetime asphalt shingles are similar to the popular 30-40yr dimensional shingles. However, they are heavier and thicker and come in different design patterns. Most are impact resistant.

energy efficient shingles
energy efficient shingles


This is a fairly new shingle to the roofing industry. Same as the dimensional in look and appearance. However, this shingle is an "Energy Star" rated shingle qualifying for up to a $1,500 government rebate.

wood shakes
wood shake roof


Wood Shakes offer a natural look with character due to the variation in color, width, and cut of wood. Shakes offer some energy savings but demand proper maintenance and repair. Shakes can provide a beautiful look for many years.

concrete tiles
concrete tile roof


Tile can have a lifespan greater than the structure under it and require very little maintenance to maintain. Tile is also available in a variety of colors and styles. However, be careful, as tile requires a properly built structure to support its heavy weight.

metal roofing
metal roofing


Metal Roofs have become popular in recent years. The most popular pictured to the left is a standing seam metal roof. These metal roofs come in various colors and designs and are very durable, fire resistant, and almost maintenance free.

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